Sunday, June 05, 2011

And down the other side

Sunday 5th June 2011 

We only had to turn two locks in the Napton flight on our way down today, all the others had ascending craft as we approached. Once out of the bottom lock I re-filled with water whilst Brenda went and explored NaptonPonies the Folly shop. Out towards the junction Brenda had to take pictures of the miniature horses in the field as they were moulting and looked really tatty just like our cat Oscar does.

We get used to seeing craft not displaying a current licence, we get used to boats displaying out of date licences but this was a first for us – a licence that has had the date obliterated, deliberately scratched out so as to be un-readable. They’d only done it on one side so by looking at the one on the other side of the boat we observed it was out of date by two years. Boat reg. number was 4000149  get your act together.  Guess what – it’s another BW craft. Rules is rules.

Here is the weather postcast :- the forecast was rubbish! Did we get the promised rain overnight? No.  Did we get the sunny intervals?  No. The scattered showers?  No. (thank goodness).  What we got was grey with cold gusty winds that impeded steering in tight situations. One of which was meeting Tony Brooks at a bridgehole on a tight corner. The briefest of chats counted as our 2nd Cutwebbery of the weekend.

Home via Elderflower picking so that Brenda can knock up another batch of Elderflower cordial.


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