Saturday, December 04, 2010

Houston - we have a connection!

What is the biggest difference between a PRM 160 gearbox and a Newage Delta 20 gearbox?

The answer is almost four inches. Having installed the replacement gearbox last week I could finally install the missing link today - a nice shiny (expensive) lump of turned steel which connects the Aquadrive to the gearbox.

Shiny bobbin

Here it is installed and working.

I have since discovered yet another difference! I now have to dismantle the Morse lever as it now works in reverse i.e. the propeller moves the boat backwards when the Morse control is shifted into the forwards position. Luckily this should just require the gearbox cable moving to the other end of the arm inside.

Whilst we had a reasonably warm weekend I took the opportunity to empty the hot water tanks as a further cold spell is forecast for the next week and I don't want it to freeze up. I'll complete the winterisation next Sunday after we've attended the Bourne End Christmas dinner on Saturday night.


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